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How to Market Automotive Service & Repair Book

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Terry Greenhut literally “Wrote the Book” on How to Market and Sell Automotive and Transmission Service and Repair Profitably. This book is the result of Terry’s 30 years of research and practical in-shop application of the best techniques for attracting and selling to customers in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

  • Learn how to make your phone ring with more fleet, wholesale and retail customers than you’ve ever had before.
  • Master the telephone techniques that turn retail price shoppers into eager customers.
  • Learn how to recognize all of the different customer types so you will better know how to deal with each.
  • Discover a simple-to-follow system for walking the customer through the entire sales process including all the important qualifying questions and presentation of the service recommendations.
  • Break through the “glass ceiling” of self doubt so you can charge the prices you need to be profitable.
  • Become highly skilled at handling every price objection you are ever likely to hear and you’ll know how to follow-up to keep your customers coming back year after year.

This book will teach you how to build a very successful automotive business!

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