How Successful is your Automotive Service and Repair Business? Take this test to determine how and where you can make the necessary improvements to boost your bottom line.

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How to Score Your Results

50 – 60: In pretty good shape – you are probably good at selling. But how about the people who work for you? Can they do as good a job if you’re not there? A refresher course to remind you of forgotten techniques and bring you up to date on some new ones would be great – and a way to train all your employees would be even better.

40 – 50: Not doing all that well – You can wait to order the program, but why? Wouldn’t today be a good day to start earning the extra money that would make you feel so much better about your business and your life?

30 – 40: In quicksand and sinking – start typing in your credit card number on the ordering page before they repossess your computer. The welfare of your business may depend on it.

0 – 30: It isn’t over till the sheriff padlocks the door. This course has turned many shops around when it seemed like it was too late. It will make it happen for you too, if you still have the will to win.